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Mathematics - More information on how we teach Maths can be found on our Maths page. 



Foundation Stage Autumn 2020

This term we will be linking our learning to the topic What do I know about me? You can see how all the subject fit into this topic by following the link.



EYFS Big Talk

‘Big Talk’ questions will be given each week. We are sure that you will recognise that talking together is one of the most important factors in developing children’s educational abilities.  

Children need to hear Standard English – we as adults need to be role models for this. It is a good idea to encourage your child to give you an oral account of what they have been doing both in and out of school, and explore together good vocabulary to enhance their account.

Our ‘Big talk’ question this week is:  

Text Box



Hints and Activities to go alongside Big Talk


Reading homework 

In Rainbow and Sunshine class we will be starting off with reading books without words. The reason for this is because it develops early vocabulary and communication skills and it also encourages children to retell stories in their own words. We will be setting two books online each week for you to share with your child. 

This week’s ebooks are… 

Number fun & I spy Nursery Rhymes 


Permanent Links

 Here is a list of recommended links that can be used by your children every day:

Mathseeds: https://mathseeds.co.uk/

 Phonics -  Daily Phonics Videos

 iSingPop - learn songs, with dance moves, based around Christian values such as Fighting for Love (which the children already know)

Out of the Ark Music - rhythms and routines of your new daily life, a song a day for the next two weeks with challenges and activities related to each song.

 Joe Wicks - a daily PE workout to keep you fit, health and able to concentrate through the day

Wake Up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gUbdNbu6ak



Stories read by our EYFS Team

Paper copies of all documents are available by contacting our school office 

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