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SATs Information - Information on the Year 6 arrangements (These will not be happening in 2020) 

Mathematics - More information on how we teach Maths can be found on our Maths page. 

St Lukes Year 5 KIRF

St Lukes Year 6 KIRF 

English - Information and resources for English including our subscription to FIRST NEWS a newspaper for children.

Writing Toolkit - UKS2 - Information on what to include in different genres of writing


Thank you for accessing the learning resources provided by the school. If you need to prioritise what to do during the day we would strongly recommend that this is reading. With this in mind, we have shared the Accelerated Reader page (below) so that the children can still quiz.


Permanent Links

 Here is a list of recommended links that can be used by your children every day:

Accelerated Reader: https://ukhosted57.renlearn.co.uk/6709649/

Mathletics: https://login.mathletics.com/#/student

Timestables Table Rock Stars: https://play.ttrockstars.com/auth/school/student/42972

iSingPop - learn songs, with dance moves, based around Christian values such as Fighting for Love (which the children already know)

Out of the Ark Music - rhythms and routines of your new daily life, a song a day for the next two weeks with challenges and activities related to each song.

 Joe Wicks - a daily PE workout to keep you fit, health and able to concentrate through the day

Things to do Outside



Daily Work

 These links will be updated daily, and the work will need to be completed in the books that the children brought home from school. We would stress that learning will be retained better by the children if work is completed regularly rather than all in one go therefore the previous day’s work will be removed from the website.

 English - Tuesday

Topic Tuesday

Maths Year 5 - Tuesday

Maths Year 5 Answers - Monday

Maths Year 6 - Tuesday

Maths Year 6 Answers - Monday


Mrs Barnes explains the methods used for each of the four operations

Year 5 Addition     Year 5 Subtraction     Year 5 Multiplication     Year 5 Division


Remember to be working through your Spelling Book each week (copies came home with the children).

Spelling Booklet      Support Booklet      Spelling Slides


Following the vote on facebook Mrs Barnes reads:

The House with Chicken Legs - Chapter 3 & 4 new Wednesday

The House with Chicken Legs by Sophie Anderson


Mr White reads from Anthony Horowitz's book:

The Diamond Brothers in ... Four of Diamonds.


Calculation Booklets

The booklet below cover the methods that we teach the children to use in school. While there are specific methods that we teach in each Year Group the children will have methods that they feel more confident with. Our aim is to develop an understanding of the Mathematical concepts behind these methods rather than teaching the children steps in a process. Talking and explaining these methods is as important as carrying them out.

St Lukes Addition

St Lukes Division

St Lukes Multiplication

St Lukes Subtraction

Paper copies of all documents are available by contacting our school office 

Tiptree St Luke's CofE School, Church Road, Tiptree, CO5 0SU   01621 - 815456

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